VCT Tile: The Low Cost, Durable, and Low Maintenance Floor Finishing

VCT tile or vinyl composition tile is the long last floor finishing material which has existed since 1950. This tile is composed of polyvinyl chloride chips. It has various thicknesses; the common thickness is 1/8”. Usually to arrange the floor, the tile is cut into 9” or 12” squares.

Using this tile as the floor finishing brings many benefits. The first benefit is that vinyl composition tile costs lower than other floor finishing. It is also very durable. It is strong and long last. The maintenance is also so easy; you only need to clean it regularly. When the tiles have been installed to the floor then they are damaged, it is also very easy to remove and replace them. This tile is mostly used in high traffic area and it was very popular to be used in all types of building in 1980s.


In the past, VCT tile is only available in black and white colors. Yet as the time goes by, the factories produces various patterns using the mixture of wood, stone, terrazzo, and many others materials. Therefore, nowadays the colors and patterns are not limited to black and white. You may choose the suitable colors and patterns for your home.

9 Photos of the VCT Tile: The Low Cost, Durable, and Low Maintenance Floor Finishing


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