Urban Folk Interior Color Schemes

Urban Folk interior color schemes are one of 2014 trending topic. It is identical with bright yet humble impression. Urban folk schemes are able to emerge new taste of atmosphere and beautify your interior at once. You can play using bright colors but still friendly to create this theme. By wrapping the theme of Urban Folk, the interior will be the place look more welcoming and warm. Thus, occupants will be more familiar and feel comfortable while being in it.

To apply this urban folk interior color schemes, you can inspire from the typical atmosphere of the house such as embroidery stitch, ornaments bright as a typical Russian dolls, light and cheerful decor Scandinavian style, and with a touch of luxury fabrics from India, South America, and China. If you just don’t have enough bucks to buy expensive things like mentioned above, you can substitute them by cheap furniture which still fulfills the main requirement of urban folk; cheerful and bright color. For example, luxury mahogany table can be replaced by plastic or regular wood table; Russian dolls can be substituted with any dolls that fit to the schemes, even you can make use of worn out colorful things such unused paint can, rag, and unused pasteboard as decoration.

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There are many combination of colors could be applied here. In order to create cheerful but friendly looks, you are allowed to mix contrast color, but try not to use too shiny paint. For example, you can apply light purple and yellow on the wall, then white ceramic with simple motifs for mosaic for the floor. Other example, beige wall fused with faint pink ceramic is good one too. Just a suggestion, if your house is small, don’t put too many color combinations. It would be better to apply two or three different colors at once. So, that’s all about Urban Folk interior color schemes, thank you for reading!

16 Photos of the Urban Folk Interior Color Schemes

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