The Characteristics of a Farmhouse Table

On the mention of a farmhouse table, many people would start to think of rustic or country kitchen or dining room style. The design of the farmhouse tables are greatly influenced by the American colonialism. But that is not it as there are also some influences from the French and also English rustic style. This table can be so stunningly gorgeous for the kitchen and dining room.

The tables do not often come in a set, so when you decide to get one, you need to be able to choose the perfect pair of farmhouse table chairs. When you can find the perfect match, you would be surprised to see how they can change the kitchen so drastically. Moreover, they are often highly functional as well as very durable. Some tables are passed down from one generation to the next.


The farmhouse table has some features. Typically it is perfect to make the kitchen slash dining room would look so rustic or country. They come in different top shapes. Some of them are rectangular and some of them are circular. They have large, strong top that are often made of very thick wood. They also have the legs that are as sturdy and thick to be able to hold the top.

12 Photos of the The Characteristics of a Farmhouse Table