The Bed Tray Table Varieties

There used to be only one type of wooden bed tray table in the past. There were no varieties in the past because back then it is only used to serve breakfast in beds. Frankly, not many households have them because they simply do not have the luxury of being served breakfast on the beds while they are still sleepy, except maybe when they are ill.

Nowadays, there are so many popular furniture shops selling the bed trays and there are so many varieties to the bed trays. Some of them are being used for laptop bed tray tables. One of the most popular bed trays is the Swivel Bed Tray Table with Adjustable Legs. There are options of the leg heights so that they serve the perfect purpose. Moreover, the legs are also equipped with the twist mechanism. It costs only about $ 20.


Another one that is commonly used as laptop table is the folding adjustable Portable Bed Tray Table. This table is the perfect table for the gadgets as it has the vents that can be used to keep the laptop, iPad, book desk cool even when being used for so many hours. The desk is not only perfect for beds but also great to be used on the sofas.

10 Photos of the The Bed Tray Table Varieties


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