Stage curtains for Theater Show

Stage curtains are the large cloth which functions to close and open the stage area of a theater from the viewer’s view. They can be the marker of the scene changing. They also function to give first impression to the audience to make the audiences focus on the stage. These curtains are designed for particular reasons. The standard color and style of these curtains are black or other dark colors, light-absorbing material, and heavy velour. There are a lot of variants of these curtains, which are traveler, scrim, tab, Austrian, Braille, Venetian contour, and guillotine curtains.

Curtains for stage require the strong fabric. The recommended and mostly-used fabrics are cotton velour and synthetic velour. Cotton velour is the best material. It can create rich look when lit. It masks the stage very well. The common colors are wines, deep red, plums, and dark blue. Synthetic velour is widely-used nowadays. The cotton used is water soluble. Yet, the lack of this curtain is it is permanently flame retardant.


Deciding the fullness of the stage curtains is important. The fabric choice depends on the curtain fullness that you require. The fullness of the fabric creates the fold in the curtain. The flat curtain has 0% fullness, yet if the curtain has folding, it adds 50% fullness. When you want to decide the fullness, pay attention to the curtain’s finished width. Then you can decide how much fabric must be added.

10 Photos of the Stage curtains for Theater Show


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