Small dressing room: correct arrangements of space

Dressing room is the inviolable sanctuary for every woman. Only one wardrobe is totally unacceptable for the modern girl. Mass export of garments to the garage or to the country house is canceled. Balcony is piled with weird stuff. And heartless boyfriend will not allow rebuilding spacious three-room apartment into a two-room flat with a clothing storage.

Dressing room location

Don’t panic! Let’s consider the real options of a compact dressing room. It can be angular or longitudinal (wall to wall). If there is plenty of apparel, you should think about the combined version. For example, part of the balcony or pantry can be used to store shoes and other accessories, and corner dressing room will be a worthy replacement of a wardrobe.


Dressing room door

Most often sliding doors system with mirrors or thick curtains is used for a dressing room. It is also advisable to use wooden or plastic folding doors.

If you decided to make a longitudinal dressing room, you can arrange a full mini-room.

The space is shielded by a construction of plasterboard partitions with the doorway. You also can make portable screens with mobile shelves, racks and tables on wheels for rearrangement fans.


The inner space

Internal ergonomics of all racks, shelves and cabinets is an art. Do not be afraid to browse catalogues, see experts and look through photos online. Hangers must be foldable, drawers – retractable, shelves – hanging.

Shoes can be stored on open shelves or in closed ventilated boxes.

Your dressing room is working for you. Make it work out every inch of usable pace.

6 Photos of the Small dressing room: correct arrangements of space


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