Small bathroom: choosing design

You can dream about roomy “all inclusive” bathroom with a hot-tub, a bidet and a hydrobox, but it is necessary to use currently available space wisely. The paradox is that the smaller the room, the more difficult to rationalize an ergonomic functionality (remove all unnecessary items, and combine the necessary ones).


Be ready to substantial restrictions imposed by the size of the room.

Desired hot-tub for two can take the entire space. The healthy understanding of proportionality without bulky lockers or deep washing machine will result in use of tiny, but not less functional elements. Among them may be a small corner sink, a compact washing machine and toilet, a sit-down bathroom or a shower.

Door hinges should hang in such way so that the door would open outward.


There is a stereotypical opinion that the perfect shades for the bathroom are blue and turquoise. In fact, warm beige, ivory, pearl white and pale pink visually expand the space even better. When choosing a color scheme opt for the lighter shades with contrasting elements (bright towels, sponges, brushes, etc.).

Suspended ceiling conceals space. A very popular solution is a ceiling plastic panels or polyurethane plates. Installing mirror coating is pretty bold and original solution allowing for expansion of the space and filling your room with an additional reflected light.

Use additional illumination for mirror or bathroom shelves. If the bathroom is a corner room and the wall structure allows arranging the window opening, be sure to take this chance. Maximum use of natural light is the first rule of expanding the space.

3 Photos of the Small bathroom: choosing design


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