Practical Way in Remodeling Bathroom

As bathroom is one of expensive room to renovate, first thing you must consider in remodeling bathroom is the budget. How many budget you provide will determine the design of the bathroom. Instead of the budget, the use of bathroom in daily life and future buyers can also be considered.

Now, we have discussion about remodeling bathroom based on the use and related to the future. When you have renovation, there are two things you have to concern, those are your family and future buyers. If your family rarely use the bathroom, you do not need to include bathtub. The use of shower is better option, so you can use the extra space to put cabinets. Nevertheless, some future buyers perhaps want a tub, so you may put one in the house. Another way is by using bathub and shower combos.


The members of the family might also influence in remodeling bathroom. If you have large family, you have to provide more than one bathroom. Then, you can separate the toilet and shower from the sink for the effectiveness when families use it. The last thing you must consider is you have to make a practical bathroom remodeling for now and the future.

19 Photos of the Practical Way in Remodeling Bathroom


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