Painting Kitchen Cabinets Tips

Painting kitchen cabinets is important step of kitchen interior designing. It is important because the kitchen painting will bring certain ambiance in the kitchen, it can cover several kitchen weaknesses, and painting accentuates the theme of the kitchen interior design. The cabinet painting signifies in kitchen interior decoration too.

The kitchen paint should be chosen carefully. The wrong color will make the bad ambiance in the kitchen. So, what should you do before select the kitchen paints? The first step, you must suit the color with the size of your kitchen. If your kitchen is small you must choose the bright colors so the kitchen seems spacious. You can choose the dark colors such as black or dark brown if you have big kitchen. The second, you can choose bright and soft colors. The painting kitchen cabinets with too many light colors have bad psychology effect for the house owners, the colors is really exhausting the mind. The third step, you must suit the kitchen cabinet color with the kitchen interior design theme. The harmonious color combination will embellish your kitchen.


The last step is paint basic material selection. The paint durability and care depends on the paint basic material. You can use vinyl silk paint if you want to have durable   painting kitchen cabinets. The care is also really easier than other type of paint.

18 Photos of the Painting Kitchen Cabinets Tips


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