The Vintage and Danish Modern Furniture

The Danish modern furniture could not be separated with the vintage history of the furniture pieces. The vintage furniture style underwent a drastic change in the middle of the 20th century or around the year of 1933 to 1965. There was a dramatic change in human creativity that not only the furniture that changed, but also the graphic design, architecture as well as the industrial design. So dramatic that the […]


New Home Plans

Planning the house is important. You have to know what you what your house will be, what you want to complete the house, and what people should see and feel your house later. The house is also the reflection for most of people who are willing to see that they live in the homey living. New home plans are just the new beginning to make it. There are too many […]


Voile Curtains Ideas Selection

Voile curtains are the type of curtain that is very beautiful and also very elegant. The curtain have such an amazing design that will make your house even more beautiful and also atttractive. The curtain will have the best elegant design that will suit your taste. And if you are looking for some more inspiration to assure you with your selection, check this article out since we will give you […]


Modular Home Plans

The first impression when seeing modular home plans is that we need big house to make it, living in modern environment sometime force people to live in the same way. In this term, the house making process is determined right from the starting point when you are about to design the house plan. Completion in house design will be in the place for furnishing and paint of the house. However, […]


Lucite Coffee Table for Relaxing

Lucite coffee table is the type of thing that is very suitable for your relaxing and leisure time in your comfortable home. There are several things that you need to think about when choosing the furniture. if you want to know more, you can check this article out for some ideas and inspiration of the furniture selection for the perfection of your home style, design, as well as function. The […]


Chairside Table for Family

Chairside table is the type of furniture that will be perfect for your house. The table is very beautiful and available in many selection of design. Furthermore, the table will also be functional and beneficial for your house. There are several consideration that you should make when you are buying the table. Check this article out to get more information about the table consideration of selection. There are indeed several […]


Safe Kitchen Design

Kitchen is important part of a house. The kitchen design includes the priority in house designing. It is because the kitchen also has important significance for family life. The modern kitchen is always designed with beautiful design, it also emphasize the function of kitchen. Besides the aesthetic and function of the kitchen, the design should emphasize the safety too. The safety is important because the kitchen consisted of many dangerous […]