Basement Ceiling Ideas

Talking about your basement decoration probably can be started from your basement ceiling ideas. Even most basements are used as a storage place, but it does not mean that you can decorate it randomly. You should make sure that anything you applied for your basement is good and attractive. Since you don’t know whether some day you probably want to make it into a more meaningful room like another living […]

Beautiful Deck Lights Solar

Even it is called as deck lights solar, but it is not merely to be installed on decks. Some people even use it as lights on their modern fence as well. The shape is actually similar, so it can be used for both purposes. There are plenty of light models that you can choose, from the simple one to the modern and unusual shape. However, most of the lights are […]

Basement Remodel Ideas

Your basement probably is used as a storage place where you can keep your unused things. However, by having some basement remodel ideas, you can make your basement into a more attractive and cozy room to stay. Why don’t you make a kind of private cinema in your basement? Or maybe you want to make a mini bar where you can invite your close friends to have party in your […]

Basement Windows Ideas

Basement can be a best place to store your things, from the unused stuffs to some of big tools which cannot be kept in other room. Even your basement function is for storage place, it does not mean that the room is not decorated in attractive way. If you have an attractive basement, it will make you feel more happier to stay there for taking or putting things, or even […]

Basement Floor Paint Ideas

Having basement in your home can be really multifunction. It can be a storage place for the unused stuff, or as a place to keep your big tools like for lawn mower, automotive stuff, and others. However, even probably it is not a place for you to enjoy the day like in your terrace, but it is better for you to keep it clean and look attractive. Since by having […]

Modern Kitchen Tile Floor Ideas

Kitchen can be one of the most interesting rooms in your home. It is because there you can cook delicious dishes and also having dinner together with your family. Of course your kitchen decoration should be attractive and modern in order to make you feel more comfortable in staying in your own kitchen. One of the most important things to consider about your kitchen decoration is its floor idea. Since […]

Modern Formal Dining Room Ideas

Making a dining room decoration is not as simple as it seems. You should make sure that it matches to other room’s concept, so it will be more beautiful. For you who maybe often to invite your friends to come for dinner, probably having a formal dining room will be very recommended. It will look elegant and luxurious, but also comfortable as well. There are some tips of formal dining […]