Glass partitions in the apartment: how to create a transparent wall

Glass partitions in the apartments are not uncommon these days. However, recently their use was a sign of the designer interiors. Partially the popularity of glass observed in recent years is due to the emergence of new types of this material – more durable and reliable, which can be used even in the house with active children.


Bed with storage drawers: comfort and rationalism

Sleep in a spacious, comfortable bed is the guarantee of health and successful life, otherwise problems the cardiovascular system, joints and spine, lethargy and chronic fatigue are guaranteed. Bed with drawers for storing linen is the opportunity to get a quality bed even in a pretty confined area. If we make simple calculations, we can specify that a medium-sized double bed is about two cubic meters of free space. This is […]


Small dressing room: correct arrangements of space

Dressing room is the inviolable sanctuary for every woman. Only one wardrobe is totally unacceptable for the modern girl. Mass export of garments to the garage or to the country house is canceled. Balcony is piled with weird stuff. And heartless boyfriend will not allow rebuilding spacious three-room apartment into a two-room flat with a clothing storage. Dressing room location Don’t panic! Let’s consider the real options of a compact […]


Finishing balconies: a variety of options

In modern apartments, balcony often plays the role of a full room. Let’s consider the materials which are recommended for finishing of balconies and loggias, and weigh all pros and cons in terms of practicality and design.


Combining wallpaper: spectacular interior solutions

Combining wallpaper in one particular room is a habitual design method. But limitless variety of options allows fulfilling owners’ fantasies of the perfect interior, balanced geometry of the room, incredible decorative effect. Even the wallpaper manufacturers now produce different collections making the most successful, in their opinion, combinations.


Small bathroom: choosing design

You can dream about roomy “all inclusive” bathroom with a hot-tub, a bidet and a hydrobox, but it is necessary to use currently available space wisely. The paradox is that the smaller the room, the more difficult to rationalize an ergonomic functionality (remove all unnecessary items, and combine the necessary ones).


Timber Frame Home Plans

Timber frame home plans are more like seasonal for all kind of housing concept. Making the natural ambience for living is a good step to live in naturally. Most people who see natural ambience is the best environment to live in, believe that implementation of this concept will bring good impact for their life. It is regarded to be the most favorite concept for housing, since it can be applied […]