interior color scheme

Urban Folk Interior Color Schemes

Urban Folk interior color schemes are one of 2014 trending topic. It is identical with bright yet humble impression. Urban folk schemes are able to emerge new taste of atmosphere and beautify your interior at once. You can play using bright colors but still friendly to create this theme. By wrapping the theme of Urban Folk, the interior will be the place look more welcoming and warm. Thus, occupants will […]


VCT Tile: The Low Cost, Durable, and Low Maintenance Floor Finishing

VCT tile or vinyl composition tile is the long last floor finishing material which has existed since 1950. This tile is composed of polyvinyl chloride chips. It has various thicknesses; the common thickness is 1/8”. Usually to arrange the floor, the tile is cut into 9” or 12” squares. Using this tile as the floor finishing brings many benefits. The first benefit is that vinyl composition tile costs lower than […]


Modular Home Floor Plans as Your Alternative

Having a home plan is always great for you. However, you must also have modular home floor plans for it. There are various plans that are ready for you to be adapted. The variety of it will be the best thing for you to consider. It is good for you to have it since you really need flooring for your house. Therefore, having these kinds of flooring plans will be […]

barn door hardware

Interior Barn Doors Choice

Don’t know what kind of barn doors you’re going to use for your interior? Here, take a look of many interior barn doors choice with various materials, designs and colors. Check them out! First, please welcome Chinese Consigned Doors. Made of elm, these strong and tremendous-look barn doors mostly fit to the classical-themed interior or any house with Chinese concept. Usually this barn doors come with some carved on its […]


Fascinating Small Bathroom Makeovers

Very often we find many problems related to bathroom. One of them is about the size in small space. It is crucial matter to solve. Now then we should do small bathroom makeovers to make the room larger. Actually we feel so awful when we are bathing in tiny space. So, it is better to reduce the items which make the room smaller such as cabinet and powder desk. We […]


Fantastic Bathroom Accessory Sets

There is no more interesting action except beautify the bathroom with beautiful bathroom accessory sets. There are so many free offers to get accessory set for our bathroom in various styles and prices. We can get them through online as well because sometimes the shop near our city is not available for that. Classic, rustic, and even modern styles are available in the online shop then we just purchase the […]


Latest Bathroom Showrooms

Now we can try new experience with latest bathroom design of the year. We actually can visit some bathroom showrooms to browse inspiring model such as Italian and Europe model. There we can find many styles and base materials that enable us to select the good one proper with our pocket. In fact, we cannot deny that maintaining bathroom need long time because we should consider some aspects such as […]