Nowadays Kitchen Flooring is Very Gorgeous

In purpose to keep the kitchen clean, people need to take care with the condition of kitchen. For instance on the Kitchen flooring that usually becomes dirty, and people need to sweep it. There are several materials of this floor such as Real Linoleum, Cork, Bamboo, Ceramic, Hardwood, Rubber, and Terracotta. Selecting the matching material is a good idea to make your kitchen seems cool.

There are many ways to clean up Kitchen flooring every time such as sweep up until clean, avoid throwing a trash at the floor, and mopping it every week. For daily treatment do not use low quality sweep and cleaning tools that can damaged the material of the floor. Use only a little water, a mop that made from sponge and good quality cleaning liquid. Cleaning liquid which has nice smell is recommended because it will give nice feeling to people when they at the kitchen.


The popular finishing of this floor are Glass, Gloss, Matt, Rustic, Satin, Textured, Natural, Tumbled, and Honed. The sizes are Small (15×15), Medium (16×16 to 30×40), and Larger (31×41). The price is varieties; start from $ 4 to $ 6 per square foot not including installation. If you confuse in buying Kitchen flooring you can check in the online store, and select the one that fit with your kitchen. Usually the online store has a catalogue that shows the models of floor and also the price.

19 Photos of the Nowadays Kitchen Flooring is Very Gorgeous


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