LED lights for the kitchen

Today LED-lighting for the kitchen is the most up-to-date and viable solution that allows you to get a special alloy of functionality and comfort due to a balanced and harmonious combination of all types of lighting: general, decorative and working.

With their help, you can not only get comfortable and visually pleasing lighting for all functional areas, but also to focus on the interesting design approaches and solutions, features of planning and interior design. Latitude of selection of LED lamps of various types of designs will help to create a general lightning, spotlights and local lighting in a single stylistic principle.


LED lights in the kitchen can be used simultaneously as a full functional lighting, design method and decorative accent. To implement the backlight recessed lighting, LED strip and wall and ceiling models can be used (rotating lamps, spotlights, wall lights – closed and open).

The choice of a particular type of lighting is determined by the level (height) of its assembling. For ceiling lighting are used:

LED strip light – they are placed along the perimeter of the ceiling behind the ornate cornices or in special niches


built in lighting – they are assembled into to stretch and suspended ceilings

ceiling surface-mounted luminaire – they are mounted on single-level ceilings

chandeliers of different designs

Due to its versatility and ease of installation, LED strip light is the most popular method of highlighting in the kitchen at any level. It generates a uniform light without shadows and highlights, and is perfect for countertops and working area, as well as decorative lighting. Local lighting for kitchen countertops is usually placed under the wall cabinets – either at the junction of the cabinet and the apron, or on the bottom plane of the cabinet. To get the local lighting with decorative effect, front strip light is placed under the countertops or on the front end, just behind the transparent profile panels.

6 Photos of the LED lights for the kitchen


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