Kitchen cupboard: functional, commodious, stilish

Kitchen cupboard must meet two basic criteria – it must be practical (functional) and aesthetically appealing. And capacious enough, because it should fit a lot of things – food, tableware and flatware, pans, pots and a large number of other kitchen stuff.

Cupboards are the foundation of kitchen furniture. They can be of several types:


floor standing – lower, usually used to store the most dimensional things and utensils. They are usually mounted on a small platform – it provides more convenient access to the bottom shelf.

upper – wall cabinets – universal store, where you can place any, not too dimensional thing. Today, there are three common standard heights of the wall cabinets – 360, 720 and 920 mm.

For small-sized kitchen swing doors in the kitchen cupboards can be a challenge – if you forget to close them, you can hit your head unpleasantly. They may be waived in favor of sliding doors which are more original and functional.


You can opt out of the doors – in the kitchen decorated in a modern style open cupboards are much more popular.

It is not necessary that the door to be nontransparent. If you have a beautiful set, why should you hide it behind a wooden (plastic) door. Mount the glass doors – they will add space in the kitchen. If the kitchen has only one window, glass doors will add light.

It is important to determine the “filling” of the cabinets correctly. First of all – these are the different storage systems placed inside. These may be metal angular designs (there are stored frying pans and volume pots), systems such as “carousel” (there are stored small-sized kitchen utensils), pull-out containers, drying for ware, dividers delimiting the volume of a box to the cells. Complex storage systems help to achieve food storage and kitchen utensils in perfect order, providing quick and easy access to them. But the cost of “stuffing” can reach the cost of the cabinet.

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