Minimalism in interior design: maximum of comfort with minimum of things

Styles of interior which came to our house from time immemorial or “lived” with us side by side for at least 100 years are very individual and easily recognizable. But the style of modern design of the space is not always recognizable. Very often, hi-tech, minimalism and modern are confused. Furniture, decor and accessories from different directions are placed in the same room, so that style gets lost and, as […]


Finnish beam house

Technology of wood construction proven over the centuries in the harsh northern climate today attracts a growing number of users. Because, in addition to the unique characteristics of heat saving, wood used for the construction of the Finnish house has a unique combination of properties:


Kitchen cupboard: functional, commodious, stilish

Kitchen cupboard must meet two basic criteria – it must be practical (functional) and aesthetically appealing. And capacious enough, because it should fit a lot of things – food, tableware and flatware, pans, pots and a large number of other kitchen stuff.


Japanese panel curtains – a new word in the windows design

Inherent in the traditional style of Japanese minimalism is most clearly manifested in the appearance of Japanese curtains – new and not quite usual for the layman way to design not only windows, but also the walls, doorways and niches. Fabric panels, reminiscent of the screen or the partition can be both a harmonious interior detail, and a semantic center of stylistic composition.


Liquid wallpaper

By the principle of preparing liquid decorative wallpaper are divided on the following types: ready mix; mixtures which must be diluted. White mixture that needs to be add with some color pigments and a little decoration elements.


Staircase to the second floor: design options in a private house

Staircase in a private house is not only an important functional component, but also one of the central elements of the interior. Good staircase must not only be qualitative and reliable, but also beautiful, and blends in with the overall style of the house. The shape and design depend on the total interior of the house, ceiling height, floor area. Marsh is a flight of stairs, the number of flights […]


LED lights for the kitchen

Today LED-lighting for the kitchen is the most up-to-date and viable solution that allows you to get a special alloy of functionality and comfort due to a balanced and harmonious combination of all types of lighting: general, decorative and working.