ICF Home Plans Advantages

ICF is one of the home architectural plans that many people love. ICF is the abbreviation of Insulated Concrete Forms. This is offering a new idea of the construction of the house. This ICF is also called as the foam blocks house. There are some advantages from these ICF home plans. Those advantages are including the safety and the efficiency.

The first advantage is the safety from the modern ICF home plans. As we know that the construction is using such insulting technique. For example, the wall will be layered with such insulation which can make the wall is resisted against the fire, the earthquake, and some other disaster. This safety aspect will really give you advantage in living in this ICF house. One of the styles which are more concern in safety is the king of the hill ICF home style.


The second advantage of the ICF home plans is the efficiency. You know that insulation of the wall, for example, will reduce the monthly heating and cooling cost. This great construction approximately can be reduced up to fifty percent per month. This should be suitable for the country ICF home style. One of the examples is the upstairs game ICF home style which can focus on such efficiency.

23 Photos of the ICF Home Plans Advantages


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