Home Plan by the Architecture

When people or a designer wants to build, redesign or do a renovation to a home, then they will need home plan first before they are doing the work. The plan here is very vital. It is because the plan will consist of everything home needs. Therefore, it is usually done by the architecture that will do the plan on the paper and draw the sketch of the home.

Sure, it will also be applied and one for the modern home plan. The plan will consist of the rooms such as the bedroom, living room, kitchen, dining room, bathroom and more. It will also calculate about the size of the land and the home size that will be built. It is such as the master plan before the home provider or design will build the home.


To make home plan it is not an easy think just like you see. It will consist of several vital elements such as the size, height, the materials, the ventilation, and more about the requirements of comfortable home ideas and design. Therefore, it is only done by the expert designer or architecture that will draw the sketch on some papers and continuing with seeing the step by step of the building process.

21 Photos of the Home Plan by the Architecture


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