Glass partitions in the apartment: how to create a transparent wall

Glass partitions in the apartments are not uncommon these days. However, recently their use was a sign of the designer interiors. Partially the popularity of glass observed in recent years is due to the emergence of new types of this material – more durable and reliable, which can be used even in the house with active children.

To divide the room into functional areas, various types of glass are used:

  • Clear glass is appropriate in all rooms and styles, but not everyone like availability for an overview of what is desirable to hide. So completely transparent partitions are used in those areas that do not require exclusive privacy.
  • Frosted glass usually divides quiet and minimalistic rooms. This type of partitions is considered the most versatile and suitable for any style.
  • Colored glass partitionsit is an original way of premises zoning. Of course, the bright colors are more suitable for public spaces, but they will also suit the interior of teenager’s room.
  • Partitions with drawings on the glass can become a highlight of the interior. Most often they are used in traditional classical interiors. Not only they make the room airy, but also add some eccentricity to it.

When designers campaign for using glass partitions, they bring forward fairly justifiable arguments in favor of this material:

  • Versatility. Glass is the material that easily fit into any style and any conditions.
  • Compactness. Glass partitions as opposed to other options, such as plasterboard or brick walls, are thin and do not take up much space.
  • Reliability. Tempered glass used to create such structures is characterized by high levels of strength, which puts it on par with unbreakable materials.
  • Easy installation and ability to install the partitions even in the room with a completed renovation.

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