Finnish beam house

Technology of wood construction proven over the centuries in the harsh northern climate today attracts a growing number of users.

Because, in addition to the unique characteristics of heat saving, wood used for the construction of the Finnish house has a unique combination of properties:

  • hygroscopic properties,
  • ability to “breathe”,
  • environmental friendliness,
  • naturality.

Even with no additional finishing, the wood used for the construction of houses has a high aesthetic level and particularly decorativeness.

The building constructed of timber or logs fits perfectly into the surrounding environment, without requiring additional design tweaks.

Wooden country Finnish house has the ability to look harmoniously at the nature background, while creating the most comfortable inside conditions for people permanently living in it.


When choosing a building material for the house, many people prefer laminated veneer lumber. Compared with the whole logs, it has a number of advantages:

  • cheaper – a greater variety of wood is used for its production,
  • more qualitative – for gluing are used only fully-dried sorted items, while the condition of the inside part of the whole logs is difficult to estimate,
  • more reliable – bonding add extra strength to the beam and prevents cracking,
  • regularly shaped – the geometric shape of the beam is easier maintained and monitored, over time, the crowns of it does not deform or twist.

In addition, the assembly of the house of rectangular elements is considerably simpler, and the use of insulating materials is of elementary technology and efficient in operation.

6 Photos of the Finnish beam house


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