Finishing balconies: a variety of options

In modern apartments, balcony often plays the role of a full room. Let’s consider the materials which are recommended for finishing of balconies and loggias, and weigh all pros and cons in terms of practicality and design.



If you plan to use the balcony as a place for a light meal in the fresh air, select wooden battens as a finishing. It is natural and eco-friendly material and its color and texture create an atmosphere of country terraces. High-quality wooden battens are easy to install. Repair of such finishing will not male difficulties – it is possible to replace only the damaged part without removing the rest.


This material is usually chosen when the base surface is not entirely smooth. Sheets of drywall are attached to the frame of the metal parts, and in the space between the drywall and wall insulation is placed. It is better to choose a water-resistant drywall for the balcony. Finished construction is stained, done over or covered with decorative plaster.


Vinyl siding

Elements of this coating are similar to wooden batten – they have the same shape and slots for permanent connection to each other and comfortable installation. Sometimes siding panel are even stained wood-grain. However vinyl siding benefits significantly for practical properties – it is not flammable, unpretentious and durable. You also should not worry about the resistance to weather and temperature extremes – siding is widely used for exterior decoration of houses and cottages.


There are different opinions about plastic panels as a finishing material for balconies. The pros are moisture resistance, light weight and ease of installation. A wide range of colors is its advantage as well. A major disadvantage is brittleness of the panels. At low temperatures the plastic sheets can crack and warp. Therefore, if you choose plastic for balcony finishing, the room should be insulated thoroughly. Also, the plastic can not withstand the bump of a heavy object, it is an important detail for families with young children.

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