Fascinating Small Bathroom Makeovers

Very often we find many problems related to bathroom. One of them is about the size in small space. It is crucial matter to solve. Now then we should do small bathroom makeovers to make the room larger. Actually we feel so awful when we are bathing in tiny space. So, it is better to reduce the items which make the room smaller such as cabinet and powder desk. We can place them out of and near the bathroom. Otherwise, we should place minimalist of cabinet which has many drawers as our bath storage along with the counter top. It should be opened design.

We should place just single sink and cabinet in the bathroom with vanity. Meanwhile, we should not place bathtub there because shower is enough to install. In this case, we really need small bathroom ideas to create fascinating bathroom in small size. We may not get satisfaction if we just place the proper furniture inside but we should understand about the beauty of room which can give bright impression.


This style of bathroom in small size should be installed the window to reduce the crowded impression. Besides, we can beauty that framed window with marvelous curtain in floral motifs. Then, we can install the vanity along with the counter top near the window. Toilet is also placed between the window and vanity. To maximize the space, we can place bathtub – if we want – in front of the toilet which is covered by bath curtain. It will be the sophisticated small bathroom makeovers.

10 Photos of the Fascinating Small Bathroom Makeovers


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