Combining wallpaper: spectacular interior solutions

Combining wallpaper in one particular room is a habitual design method. But limitless variety of options allows fulfilling owners’ fantasies of the perfect interior, balanced geometry of the room, incredible decorative effect. Even the wallpaper manufacturers now produce different collections making the most successful, in their opinion, combinations.

Combining options


Horizontal combining. This technique is usually avoided in the living rooms, since it evokes the associations with hospitals. But if you begin the renovations at the right end, seriously and creatively, horizontal wallpaper panels of different colors or textures will look incredibly cozy and warm.

Vertical combining. The combination of vertical stripes of different colors or textures creates the effect of higher ceiling. You can highlight certain functional areas in the room or adjust lighting – lighter wallpaper pasted over areas of the room with no daylight.

Patchwork combining. Pieces of wallpaper of simple uniform (or various complex) form are combined in a laconic and austere (or original and daring) panel.


Insets of wallpaper. Such insets, mostly of large size, are necessarily made out in the frame with the help of decorative paper tape. Insets are used to highlight special areas, such as home theater system. Insets can also serve as an independent decorative element, in such case photo wallpaper are used widely.

Interior effects

Hiding imperfections. Is there some bumpy wall in the room? Distract attention with the bright strip of wallpaper on the opposite wall.

Space zoning. Arrange dining area in the kitchen using warm floral pattern, and work area – using strict plain wallpaper.

Adjusting space geometry. You can visually enlarge a small room by emphasizing one of the walls with bright wallpaper. Long and narrow corridor-room becomes more balanced visually, if the side walls are covered with light-colored wallpaper, and frontal – with darker ones.


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