Small dressing room: correct arrangements of space

Dressing room is the inviolable sanctuary for every woman. Only one wardrobe is totally unacceptable for the modern girl. Mass export of garments to the garage or to the country house is canceled. Balcony is piled with weird stuff. And heartless boyfriend will not allow rebuilding spacious three-room apartment into a two-room flat with a clothing storage. Dressing room location Don’t panic! Let’s consider the real options of a compact […]


Finnish beam house

Technology of wood construction proven over the centuries in the harsh northern climate today attracts a growing number of users. Because, in addition to the unique characteristics of heat saving, wood used for the construction of the Finnish house has a unique combination of properties:


Painting Kitchen Cabinets Tips

Painting kitchen cabinets is important step of kitchen interior designing. It is important because the kitchen painting will bring certain ambiance in the kitchen, it can cover several kitchen weaknesses, and painting accentuates the theme of the kitchen interior design. The cabinet painting signifies in kitchen interior decoration too. The kitchen paint should be chosen carefully. The wrong color will make the bad ambiance in the kitchen. So, what should […]

Basement Ceiling Ideas

Talking about your basement decoration probably can be started from your basement ceiling ideas. Even most basements are used as a storage place, but it does not mean that you can decorate it randomly. You should make sure that anything you applied for your basement is good and attractive. Since you don’t know whether some day you probably want to make it into a more meaningful room like another living […]


Minimalism in interior design: maximum of comfort with minimum of things

Styles of interior which came to our house from time immemorial or “lived” with us side by side for at least 100 years are very individual and easily recognizable. But the style of modern design of the space is not always recognizable. Very often, hi-tech, minimalism and modern are confused. Furniture, decor and accessories from different directions are placed in the same room, so that style gets lost and, as […]

Simple Tips to Remodel Bathroom Ideas

Anything that out of date or old fashioned maybe will cause you to get the boredom. One of the examples is your old fashioned bathroom decoration, which will make you feel uncomfortable in your own bathroom. Therefore, you maybe need to know these simple tips to remodel bathroom ideas that you can apply in your own bathroom decoration. Since it is simple remodel, then you don’t need to prepare too […]


Texas Home Plans and Styles

Some people will really hard to redesign, renovate or even build a new home. Therefore, it is always recommended to ask the help of the expert home provider or architecture that will have the right things and the best plans such as the Texas home plans that will be designed and planned well. These home Texas plans will consist of several main elements that the provider and home owner should […]