VCT Tile: The Low Cost, Durable, and Low Maintenance Floor Finishing

VCT tile or vinyl composition tile is the long last floor finishing material which has existed since 1950. This tile is composed of polyvinyl chloride chips. It has various thicknesses; the common thickness is 1/8”. Usually to arrange the floor, the tile is cut into 9” or 12” squares. Using this tile as the floor finishing brings many benefits. The first benefit is that vinyl composition tile costs lower than […]

small bathroom remodels

The Bathroom Remodel with Several Replacements

The bathroom remodel should be done if the homeowners have got bored with the old style of the bathroom. That is the normal condition if sometimes people will get bored to the same thing every day. But if you are in that condition, you should make the innovation for making the replacement of the bathroom so that the new bathroom will make you get the freshness again. Of course we […]


Ways to Design Your Own Home

Making a design for your own home is possible for you to do. There are a lot of references that you can take for it. Moreover, design your own home will be a very good alternative since you do not take a lot of money. You can save much money from it. You will reduce the expense of architecture or interior designer for it. There are plenty of house plans […]


Colorful Kids Bedroom Ideas

A bedroom for kids is not only a place for sleeping but also it can be a playroom, a room for them to learn, discover a new thing, wondering something and even for dreaming and hoping. So, it is a colorful feeling and accent that will appear from the kids bedroom ideas. For them, a bedroom is a wonderful place for them to grow, invite friends to play, creating something […]


Shower Tile Ideas Pattern

Shower can be a place for having a relaxation and enjoying the resting time for losing the stress after working. Yup, although many people don’t consider and take a lot attention on the shower design, it will be the first place and the only one place can make their body get refresh after work or an exercise. And the Shower tile ideas will really add the feeling of the shower […]


Master Bathroom Layouts