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Interior Barn Doors Choice

Don’t know what kind of barn doors you’re going to use for your interior? Here, take a look of many interior barn doors choice with various materials, designs and colors. Check them out! First, please welcome Chinese Consigned Doors. Made of elm, these strong and tremendous-look barn doors mostly fit to the classical-themed interior or any house with Chinese concept. Usually this barn doors come with some carved on its […]


Minimalism in interior design: maximum of comfort with minimum of things

Styles of interior which came to our house from time immemorial or “lived” with us side by side for at least 100 years are very individual and easily recognizable. But the style of modern design of the space is not always recognizable. Very often, hi-tech, minimalism and modern are confused. Furniture, decor and accessories from different directions are placed in the same room, so that style gets lost and, as […]

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Urban Folk Interior Color Schemes

Urban Folk interior color schemes are one of 2014 trending topic. It is identical with bright yet humble impression. Urban folk schemes are able to emerge new taste of atmosphere and beautify your interior at once. You can play using bright colors but still friendly to create this theme. By wrapping the theme of Urban Folk, the interior will be the place look more welcoming and warm. Thus, occupants will […]

Reasons of Choosing Simple Minimalist House Design

There are some people who choose to make simple minimalist house design for their home rather than other designs. Actually we can find some designs of home such as vintage home, classic, and rustic home design. Minimalist house is popular home design for modern era. When you are interested to have house with minimalist design, you better know some reasons why people finally choose to make their home with minimalist […]


Colorful Kids Bedroom Ideas

A bedroom for kids is not only a place for sleeping but also it can be a playroom, a room for them to learn, discover a new thing, wondering something and even for dreaming and hoping. So, it is a colorful feeling and accent that will appear from the kids bedroom ideas. For them, a bedroom is a wonderful place for them to grow, invite friends to play, creating something […]

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The Various Amazing Designs Waiting Room Chairs

You will find a lot of chairs when you go to some place to wait for someone or something. You will get some designs of each chair where the designs are so various and interesting. The designer has designed the waiting room chairs perfectly. You can see the pictures as the reference when you want to buy those waiting chairs. Many rooms need the waiting chair because it will make […]


Small bathroom: choosing design

You can dream about roomy “all inclusive” bathroom with a hot-tub, a bidet and a hydrobox, but it is necessary to use currently available space wisely. The paradox is that the smaller the room, the more difficult to rationalize an ergonomic functionality (remove all unnecessary items, and combine the necessary ones).

Tips on Choosing Special Dining Room Light Fixture

Choosing a dining room light fixture to your dining room decoration is actually quite easy. However, there are some tips which you can use as a guide in choosing the light fixture in your dining room. At first, you have to make sure that you get your own concept or design of your dining room. It is a basic for you to start collecting your furniture, light fixture and other […]