Glass partitions in the apartment: how to create a transparent wall

Glass partitions in the apartments are not uncommon these days. However, recently their use was a sign of the designer interiors. Partially the popularity of glass observed in recent years is due to the emergence of new types of this material – more durable and reliable, which can be used even in the house with active children.

Brick Mailbox Designs Ideas and the Fact That You Can Make It on Your Own

If you are into contemporary design, as a matter of fact, you need to cope with the decoration of your house with such design. And you need to go total about it. The contemporary design should not only happen in the interior part of your house but also the exterior parts. And at this point, we are going to talk about brick mailbox designs ideas. Perhaps, at this point, you […]


Minimalism in interior design: maximum of comfort with minimum of things

Styles of interior which came to our house from time immemorial or “lived” with us side by side for at least 100 years are very individual and easily recognizable. But the style of modern design of the space is not always recognizable. Very often, hi-tech, minimalism and modern are confused. Furniture, decor and accessories from different directions are placed in the same room, so that style gets lost and, as […]


Boys Bedroom Ideas

Bedroom will always be the private room for people. It is sure that people will involve their personality in their bedroom freely. The bedroom should be designed according to its owner. The boys bedroom of course will be different from girls bedroom. With different personality which can be found between boys and girls, people should make sure that they do not put different personality touch in their boy’s bedroom. In fact, boys […]

Luxury Bedroom Sets and How It Will Become the Highlight of Your Bedroom

If you are asked about the most important room in your house, what will you give as the answer? Well, most of you will think that it is the bedroom. Indeed, it is really true. The bedroom is the core of your home and you cannot deny it. It is because the main function of the house is as your shelter and as the place for you to seek for […]

vegetable garden planner

The Raised Bed Gardening for Small Garden

The raised bed gardening is the new innovation of the gardening ideas which is done for the limited space of the garden. If you are living in the big cities where the land is so limited, you are still be able for making the garden in your limited space. The solution is by making the raised garden ideas. Have you ever heard about this thing before? This belongs to the […]

garden edging ideas

Low Maintenance in Simple Garden Ideas

To have a ground around the house is something really nice and a lot of people will love the fact that a ground is available especially for the people who enjoy their time gardening. However, not everyone has a lot of time to tend the garden regularly. Therefore some people choose to get the simple garden ideas for garden with low maintenance. It is a good thing to be considered […]

barn door rollers

Interior Barn Doors Choice

Don’t know what kind of barn doors you’re going to use for your interior? Here, take a look of many interior barn doors choice with various materials, designs and colors. Check them out! First, please welcome Chinese Consigned Doors. Made of elm, these strong and tremendous-look barn doors mostly fit to the classical-themed interior or any house with Chinese concept. Usually this barn doors come with some carved on its […]