Shipping Container Home Plans

Shipping container home plans can be efficiently used for house plan. The house plan is just the beginning of making concept, but the more important thing is that you make it simple, not too crowd. Filling house with cabinet may make your house looks more furnished. But actually, the main function of floor cabinet is not making your house look more furnished, it should minimize your house look simpler. The […]


Liquid wallpaper

By the principle of preparing liquid decorative wallpaper are divided on the following types: ready mix; mixtures which must be diluted. White mixture that needs to be add with some color pigments and a little decoration elements.


Mid Century Modern Home Plans and Ideas

Designing a new home with traditional design can be the enjoyable one remembering the old style of home design is still being a trend today. You may see mid century modern home plans that will add the beauty of mid-century atmosphere.  This mid-century home design is also most favored because of the traditional and historical touches of the home that attract many people. Therefore, if you want to have a […]

Why Sliding Bedroom Wardrobe Designs Are the Best

Bedroom wardrobe designs are quite various nowadays. One of the examples, which are actually considered to be such a good recommendation, is the sliding door design. The sure thing is there are some plus points you can really find inside this design of bedroom wardrobe. The most significant benefit of bedroom wardrobe designs with sliding doors is space benefit. Because the doors of the wardrobe are sliding, these do not […]

Country Ruffled Curtains Are Not Bad for Decoration

You should not only think about the big things whenever you want to improve the condition of your house. True, the furniture can surely do some great effects to the decoration of the room but it is wrong to think that you must only get the furniture if you are trying to decorate the room. You need to know that some other simple things are also able to play role […]


Relaxing Fitted Bedrooms

Bedroom is the best place to let the stress away out of our head. It should be sleek place to use in any time. We will feel awful when our bedroom seems small and not match with our desire. Therefore, we need to upgrade it with fitted bedrooms. It allows us to put a wide option of furniture inside according to the capacity or space potential. In this case, we […]