water in basement

The Tips for Solving and Protecting Flooded Basement

The basement becomes one of the important rooms which are the place created on the ground where it is used to place anything even become the living room, bedroom or many rooms. Those are so important to keep the basement from the flood because flood basement can destroy anything on the basement. You have to understand where the water can come and how to solve this problem well. Let’s know […]


Earth Sheltered Home Plans and Ideas

Earth sheltered home plans should be done only by the expert architecture or home designer. It is because the home will directly face the ground. It means that the strength of the home that is directly facing the ground should be calculated well by measuring the materials power and also the ground pressure. If you don’t know much about this, it is recommended to ask the help of a home […]


Garage Storage Ideas Design

Garage will be the place as your favorite one of your home. The garage also will be the place for you to get right before you go to work and sure right after you go home. Therefore, if many homeowners are hard trying to design the garage with the beautiful concept and ideas, it is not a wonder anymore. In the garage, the garage storage ideas will be also needed. […]


Bedroom Wardrobe Design and Ideas

Bedroom wardrobe design can also influence the bedroom layout. Yup, bedroom has many elements. Every element will add the beautiful touches. The wardrobe is for the example. If you see the function, it is just a place or a cabinetry or storage for your cloths. But if you look the appearance or the doors design and pattern, then you will understand that also will add the feelings. So, today the […]


Painting Kitchen Cabinets Tips

Painting kitchen cabinets is important step of kitchen interior designing. It is important because the kitchen painting will bring certain ambiance in the kitchen, it can cover several kitchen weaknesses, and painting accentuates the theme of the kitchen interior design. The cabinet painting signifies in kitchen interior decoration too. The kitchen paint should be chosen carefully. The wrong color will make the bad ambiance in the kitchen. So, what should […]


Small Bathroom Remodel Ideas

A bathroom is the right place for losing the burden and the tiring days after working. From the bathroom also your body can be refreshed and sure it will be more wonderful if the small bathroom remodel can be done rightly. The right here means that the design or the theme of the bathroom will go beautifully with the small size. It is because not all of design goes beautifully […]