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Decorating the Limited Space of Small Apartment

Some people prefer to live in an apartment instead of a house. Well, apartment is a popular choice for a place to live in such big cities. The sizes of apartments are varied. Some of them are large enough for a small family or a rather large family. Meanwhile some apartment can be considered small. Decorating a small apartment can take some times. It is because the planning will need […]

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Best Modern Apartment Studio

If you have apartment studio, you need to know as well about in how you look for the best quality of it in the aspect of decorations. In this case, what you need to pay attention the most is about in how to apply different concept of it. There are many people having different idea to deal with their Modern Apartment Studio. What you need to pay attention first is […]


Minimalism in interior design: maximum of comfort with minimum of things

Styles of interior which came to our house from time immemorial or “lived” with us side by side for at least 100 years are very individual and easily recognizable. But the style of modern design of the space is not always recognizable. Very often, hi-tech, minimalism and modern are confused. Furniture, decor and accessories from different directions are placed in the same room, so that style gets lost and, as […]

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Differences Between Undermount Kitchen Sinks And Top Kitchen Sinks

Talking about the house, the kitchen is a room that could be considered as very important room. The kitchen is the room where the cooking activity occurs. If there is no kitchen, you can’t make or servefood and beverage for your family. Maybe you will rely solely on food purchases only. Therefore, the existence of the kitchen is important enough to support a household living with food available at anytime. […]

Glass Room Divider for Creative Room Decoration

Glass room divider is such a creative and innovative to change the looks of your house. Thus, you do not need to spend too much cost to make a new or additional room when there is an opportunity for you to divide the space with such an elegance glass interior. Glass room divider will definitely save you money and offer good solution for organizing your space in a room. Meanwhile, […]


Simple Home Plans Ideas

It has been a trend to apply simple home plans, furthermore in this era where having a comfortable home is quite hard. Therefore, choosing these simple plans for simple home is the best idea. It is because the simple plans will only give you a choice to build the most important element of your home. In other side, the simple plans will also make your home more minimalist, a design […]

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Halloween Home Decor Ideas

Is Halloween is coming? What have you prepared to welcome this marvelous day where everybody will celebrate it by creating a unique and creepy costume? Yup, everybody from the little to the adult will love this day because they can express all their feelings and sure their personality in the way of celebrating. If it is about costume, then what about your home? Have you think about Halloween home decor? […]

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Amazing inspirations in designing modern home office

Since modern interior design is quite popular these days, people tend to design their house with modern styles. Modern style becomes a favorite for many people since the design is quite simple and it is easier to maintain and clean. It comes to the home office as well. Modern home office is the most design that people look for these days.             We can design the modern home office by […]