Bed with storage drawers: comfort and rationalism

Sleep in a spacious, comfortable bed is the guarantee of health and successful life, otherwise problems the cardiovascular system, joints and spine, lethargy and chronic fatigue are guaranteed. Bed with drawers for storing linen is the opportunity to get a quality bed even in a pretty confined area.

If we make simple calculations, we can specify that a medium-sized double bed is about two cubic meters of free space. This is the approximate size of a small chest of drawers, cupboard or two bedside tables. In a small bedroom, when it is necessary to place a lot of things (clothes, linen, blankets), double bed with drawers will help to optimize space without cluttering it with unnecessary furniture.


The design of drawers may vary, it depends on the purpose of storage system, the size of a bedroom and the method of bed installation:

  • without runners – an option for people who have not yet decided on what will be stored there. Large drawer, which can hold even mattress and some blankets, and cardboard boxes full of stuff. The disadvantage of this choice is the fact that a lot of space will be required open the entire box
  • with runners – an option for the rationalists, who know exactly what and where will be stored. More often than not they are two or three drawers, which constitute a single array with the bed. Part of drawers can be uses to store the seasonal clothes (shoes) pre-packed in the cellophane, and some drawers – for daily use, for example, for linen.

To increase the useful volume for storage, you can buy a bed in which the drawers will be placed in two rows, one above the other. However, such a bed would be slightly higher than usual, but it won’t make it less comfortable.


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