Banquet Tables: The Versatile Tables for All Events

Traditionally, banquet tables are used as the temporary buffet tables in café and restaurants. Yet nowadays, these tables function as tables in any kind of parties, conference tables and even tables to display products at trade shows. These tables are very versatile so they are possessed by many people.

These versatile banquet tables have the common shapes which are round, rectangular, and square. The sizes are also various. As an example, the round table is available in 30” up to 72”. The 30” is comfortably for 2-3 people and the 72” is for 10 people. The square table is available at size of 24” up to 60”. 24” table is fit for 2 people and 60” is suitable for 8-12 people. The standard table height is 29”-30”.


Banquet tables has a lot of arrangement, depends on the events. The square and rectangle tables are mostly used for conference. There are some tables’ arrangements for conference. It can be composing 4 tables and putting chairs around it, making the hollow square shape from the tables, U shape setup, U shape with head table inside U, classroom setup, V shaped setup, and fishbone setup. The round chairs are used for parties, restaurants, and cafes.

10 Photos of the Banquet Tables: The Versatile Tables for All Events


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